by Rat Patrol

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Recorded by Nick.


released February 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Rat Patrol Welland, Ontario


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Track Name: Real Friends
Life was wasted caring what you did, all of that time spent worrying. It made me forget what really matters, my friends. Keep it up I never cared. All it was was curiosity. It’s your choice, your own mistake. The only things that matter to me are my friends. You’re so invested, my time wasted. I couldn’t see it; I’m becoming jaded. Tired of caring about you and your friends, I’ve only got time for my real friends.
Track Name: Same Old
You come back in like you own this place, and then you’re gone without a trace. Run from the problems that you can’t face, you own up to nothing you fucking coward. Heard the same old lies, you used them before. You and your bullshit, can’t take anymore. It’s your fault this time don’t put it on me. I can’t waste more time just got to break free. You thought could pull the wool over my eyes; you thought you could pull the same shit this time. I’ve got no time for you and your lies. You are the scum that I despise. It’s time for you to get into gear. It’s time for you to get the fuck out of here.
Track Name: Looking Back
Your talk is cheap and it’s fading fast, I don’t care what you say I put you in my past. I’m looking forward I’m done looking behind; I can’t keep calling you a friend of mine. You can take all your words and your stupid actions; keep them away from me because I’ve had enough. Pushing forward because I can’t look back, take a look at yourself and the truth that you lack. Won’t tolerate this, it’s gotten out of hand. And we’re walking away, not worth taking a stand. The things you said never actually been done, you’re so fucking pathetic just stay in your place.
Track Name: Thick Head
You say we’re weird your head’s too thick; if you actually understood maybe you wouldn’t bitch. I’m not wrong and I speak for my friends, you’re too worried about following trends. You’re a nerd and you can’t even think, right to the bottom is where you’ll sink. I’m not weak and this scene is sick, mind your own damn business you fucking prick. So keep your shit to yourself, I’d rather fucking choke than ask for your help. You’re too fixed on what people think and your attitude quite frankly stinks. I don’t care what you say we won’t change our ways; your attitude’s wack and we’re here to stay.