Demo II

by Rat Patrol

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released May 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Rat Patrol Welland, Ontario


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Track Name: Stay Away
It doesn’t matter what you say, you’re still the same as yesterday.
Stay the fuck away.

The saying goes “you should quit while you’re ahead,”
But you won’t stop until you’re gone and dead.
Track Name: Stand Alone
Run far away, you’ll have to pay.

Keep on running from your problems, you actually think that this will solve them.
You run to the hills but I will not chase, you can’t outrun what you won’t face.
Your words mean nothing, they hold no worth. To everyone around you they’re as good as dirt.
You’re not around so you can’t see that you fucking killed a part of me.
What you don’t understand, it doesn’t make you a man to walk away.
You don’t do all that you can, and what’s why I gotta stand on my own.
You’re not around so you can’t see, I’ll never get back that part of me.
Track Name: Fake Truth
I always knew that this would happen and now it’s clear, I am so much better off without you here.
I can tell there’s nothing real under that fake persona. You’ve caused pain to those around you now you’re gonna pay.
For what you said, what I heard. I’ll never forgive. Or forget the things, and all that you did. Can’t believe that it took me so long to see, that you don’t even mean a thing to me.
It’s hard to feel any pity or sympathy, when you’re just a fucking low life with no priorities.
Everyone knows when you are lying, now I do too. Keep on spitting your fake truths but now I’m on to you.
For far too long I’ve come second place. I can’t even stand to look at your face. I know that you won’t try to change and you’ll always be a shameful disgrace.
Track Name: Bad Excuse
All you are to me is skin and bones and some DNA. All you ever gave me were excuses but never an excuse to stay.
I would say “hey thanks for nothing” but thanks to you I finally see, you showed me what to look out for, you taught me who not to be.
You can’t say you tried. I can’t believe my eyes, I watched you walk away. I can’t take the lies.
You can’t change my mind. The things that I read. Those words that you said I’m trying to forget, they’re stuck in my head.
Gone is where you’re gonna stay. I’ll catch back up to you.
Track Name: Wound Up